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Friday, 28 November 2014

Too much chant?

At Southern Orders, Father Alan MacDonald muses about the amount of chant in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite. I left a comment there which I reprint below.

The fundamental problem is the 1967 document, Musicam Sacram. This document, in its desire to remove the strictness of the Read, Sung and Solemn Masses, put forward the practice of "progressive solemnity." Sing what you can without regard to the previous structure. It encouraged that the whole Mass be sung but sanctioned that one could sing what one could manage.

The second problem and perhaps the worst of it was the permission to actually substitute the Sung Proper (Introit, Offertory and Communion) with a hymn.

Up to that point (and remember, this was not the manufactured (quoting Pope Emeritus Benedict) liturgy of Paul VI but the slimmed down "tridentine" rite; the Proper had to be said (in a Read Mass) or sung (chanted melismatically or in psalm tone or in polyphony). That wretched document and that one paragraph is where we can point to for the destruction of the chant and the propers.

It also admonished choirs who sang all the Propers without the people. The people have no business singing the Propers, that is the domain of the choir/schola; the people's part was the Ordinary.

Until we get over this idea that the people must sing everything we can never restore these liturgical sung texts.

In the EF Masses which I lead and conduct on a typical Sunday, the people sing the following:

Processional Hymn in English
Sprinkling Rite
Marian Antiphon
Recessional Hymn

Until that is revoked and the Propers (said or sung) in the Ordinary Form with the restored Offertory chant (now only permitted if sung) are mandated, we will not see a restoration of the sacred liturgy.

On a further note, it is incumbent upon every layman or laywoman working in the Extraordinary Form to follow the rubrics and norms and to humble themselves to them. If you are not able to man up to that then stop doing it. We don't need the errors of those who destroyed the liturgy in from 1964 to 1967 and then again in 1969 to creep in to the venerable rite. If you can't do the rite, right, then don't do it at all!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Roberto de Mattei: "You must defend the Faith received in baptism against heresy..."

Over at Toronto Catholic Witness, Barona has translated from Polish this article.

BREAKING NEWS: Report from Warsaw on the Conference, "The Synodal Earthquake", featuring Roberto de Mattei: "you must defend the Faith received in baptism against heresy...the synod....a ceasefire..."

The compass and guide for us simple faithful should always be the sensus fidei. One must defend the faith received in baptism against heresy, both in theory and in practice. We also have an obligation to deepen our faith " appealed Professor Roberto de Mattei during the Warsaw conference, "The Synodal earthquake" 

The following is a translation of a report on the Conference,"The Synodal Earthquake", November, 25th at the University of Warsaw. Special guest presenter was the renowned Italian historian, Professor Roberto de Mattei. 

Read all of it at Toronto Catholic Witness.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Homosexualists target Catholic Bishops!

This is a stunning campaign. It is filled with evil, lies and distortions from the homosexualist lobby which has even infiltrated the Vatican as we have seen from the Synod on the Family. Now, they have in their sites, specific bishops.

The individual afflicted with same-sex attraction suffers from an intrinsic disorder and must be pastorally cared for as a human person.

The homosexualist movement is nothing more than Hell unleashed as in the days of Sodom.

In Synod-Related Effort, Homosexual-Rights Activists Target Eight U.S. Bishops (16663)

A coalition of well-funded groups is lobbying against prominent bishops in hopes of changing Church doctrine and practice.

 10/15/2014 Comments (51)
Facebook/Human Rights Campaign
Synod-related Human Rights Campaign poster
– Facebook/Human Rights Campaign
ROME — The start of the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family has triggered a wave of activism from well-funded LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) activist groups in the U.S., who are targeting “outspoken” Catholic bishops in hopes of changing Catholic practice and moral doctrine.
“Most important is the opportunity to create a precedent for change,” the Human Rights Campaign said in its pamphlet on the synod.
The LGBT group has announced an activist effort targeting eight bishops in a pamphlet that labels them as “the best of the worst Catholic bishops across the country.”
Its campaign will target Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, Archbishop John Nienstedt of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Ky., the president of the U.S. bishops’ conference, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore and Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill.

Read more:

New Prefect of Divine Worship!

The Holy Father has appointed the new Prefect of the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, he is Robert Cardinal Sarah of Guinea in Africa. It seems now that this African will tell us a little about "what to do" in spite of some that wish they would not. Perhaps in this appointment, Pope Francis has sent a little message to a certain German and to the rest of us, the first being, "you were wrong" the second, "I have heard you."

His Eminence has distinguished himself throughout his priestly life. 

Courtesy of Rorate, here is a quote from Cardinal Sarah:

The spirit of the Council has at times been understood in a wrong way, as, for instance, in the temptation of making use of the criteria of the world to engage in dialogue with the world. I think in particular of liturgical deviations, of the downsizing of salvation to a temporal messianism, to an understanding of the Christian life as a sort of humanitarian commitment, to the foundation of social actions inspired by dialectic, and therefore losing the originality of the Christian message. But "opening up to the world" does not mean abolishing the contradiction between the Gospel and the world, nor to tone down the Christian message. It is rather to present to our world the message of the Gospel in all its purity. It is Christ who is the light of the world, as the Council affirms.

We can be thankful that His Eminence is a man of great faith and love for Christ and His Church.

May God bless him abundantly in his service to the liturgy and the sacraments.

Thank you Holy Father.

Deo gratias!

Monday, 24 November 2014

There is no such thing as a Sung Low Mass

I cannot count the numbers of Masses which I have attended and chanted as Cantor or Schola Master according to the more ancient use. I chant every Sunday and have personally organised over 30 Solemn or Sung Masses since Summorum Pontificum including a Mass in the Presence of a Greater Prelate. I say this not to boast but to indicate my level of experience. 

Never, ever have I heard of a Sung Low Mass, it simply does not exist. 

Here from the  Una Voce Toronto blog, the Toronto Traditional Mass Society.

Pope Francis and the will of the Holy Spirit

Pope Benedict XVI was asked a few years ago about the actions of the Holy Spirit at a Conclave. He remarked that the Holy Spirit does not so much elect the pope as much as He prevents the Cardinals from electing someone who would totally destroy the Church. There is no magic taking place, not even in Cardinal Mahoney's pen directing him to write Jorge Bergoglio on the ballot.  

I was disturbed at the brevity of the conclave that elected Pope Francis. In my view, the Cardinals did not seem to be docile to the Holy Spirit. It seemed too fast which indicated, at least to me, that a great lobbying effort of a certain faction before the Conclave had taken place.

John Bingham, Religious Affairs writer with The Telegraph writes about a new biography of Pope Francis wherein it is disclosed how "Team Bergoglio' reformists lobbied cardinals 'below the radar' ahead of the Vatican Conclave." If true, it is greatly disturbing.

Of course, one would have to be a fool to think that politics and factions never came together to elect a pope. How could it be otherwise? 


By docility to the will of God and His Holy Spirit.

Can there be any doubt that certain groups of Europeans had an agenda and it is now being carried out  by their undue influence and manipulations at the Conclave so evident at the recent Synod on the Family?

Turning over the tables?

Tomorrow, Pope Francis addresses the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Sandro Magister reveals a speech delivered by the Holy Father recently to European bishops. It is not politically-correct, even referring to Europe being invaded a second time by "barbarians." 

In fact, it is astounding given some of the confusion of what has been coming out for nearly two years. If the above is true, perhaps they are about to get their comeuppance. 

Fundamentally what is wrong with Europe and the West is the fault of the bishops of the Catholic Church. They failed in their mission and the evidence is all around to see. Instead of preaching Christ and Him Crucified and all of the Truth, they have become nothing more than social workers and NGO do-gooders.

The Holy Father also said last week at a Vatican Conference on marriage many things that are necessary. Let us pray for the Holy Father that on the family issues and on Europe, he is awakening to the grace of the Office of Peter ; and let us pray that grandma Europe and all of us "Return to Jesus!

+ + +


by Francis

Dear brother bishops,

I greet all of you with affection on the occasion of the plenary assembly of the Council of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe. And I thank Cardinal Peter Erdõ for the words with which he introduced this meeting. I will have this address distributed to you and permit myself to say a few things that are in my heart and that the words of His Eminence have brought to the surface.

What is happening today in Europe? What is going on in the heart of our mother Europe? Is she still our mother Europe, or grandma Europe? Is she still fertile? Has she fallen into sterility? Is she unable to give new life? (It takes some getting used to the Holy Father's style but I have to admit, "grandma Europe" is pretty good! He calls out here its disastrous birth-rate not only literally but perhaps he also means, spiritually.) For one thing, this Europe has committed a few sins. We must say this with love: it has not wanted to recognize one of its roots. And because of this it feels and does not feel Christian. Or it feels Christian somewhat in secret, but doesn't want to recognize it, this European root. (How can Europe be anything but Christian and specifically, Catholic! Europe is dying because of itself. It must reconvert itself and its immigrants or it's culture, the greatest of all cultures, will be dead in a century or less)

The Europe of today has been invaded. It may be the second invasion of the barbarians, (who does he think that these "barbarians" are? or do we know ... have the events of the last few months opened his eyes? Let us hope.) I don't know. First it opened its doors in order to profit from labor. But now it feels this “invasion” of people who are coming to look for work, who are fleeing from their homeland in search of freedom and a better life. (Yes! Fat, lazy, rich and spoilt Europeans would not do the work and they imported immigrants to do it. The Germans from Turkey, the French from their former African colonies and these were Moslems who have more babies. Did they think it would not happen??)

Europe is wounded. I'll go back to that image that says so much to me, and I say that the Church today seems to me like a field hospital because there are so many wounded in the Church. But Europe is wounded too. Wounded by all the trials it has undergone. (The wars of history but particularly those of the 20th. century and communism all with their roots in the Masonic French Revolution which spread to Spain and Portugal early in the 20th century and Protestantism have unleashed upon Catholic Europe, hell on earth -- it is now paying for its sins and crimes against humanity.) It has gone from the time of prosperity, of great well-being, to a worrying crisis in which young people too are discarded. In the newspapers the other day it said that here in Italy youth unemployment is up to 43 percent, I think. In Spain it’s 50 percent. And the Spanish bishops have told me that in Andalusia it is almost at 60 percent. (Because they imported Muslim immigrants to do the work and now their own children have no future.)

Cardinal Erdõ talked about the discarding of children and the elderly. And it's true. But now there is also the discarding of a whole generation of young people. I don't know if it is only in Europe, or in Europe and in the developed countries, that there is talk of 75 million from the age of twenty-five and down. But it's a whole generation. As European bishops, what are we doing for the young people? (The bishops of Europe have on the most part for half a century preached a Gospel not of Christ but of another god; a god of false social justice. They have reaping what they have sown and souls have been and continue to be lost, the Holy Father understands this.) Giving them something to eat? Yes, that's the first thing. But that doesn't give dignity to a young person, to anyone. Dignity comes from work. And there is the danger that the children of mother, today practically grandma Europe, are losing their dignity because they do not have jobs and cannot bring bread home. Europe has discarded its children. (ABORTION!) A bit triumphantly. I remember that when I was studying in one country the clinics that did abortions then prepared everything to send it to cosmetic factories. Makeup made with the blood of innocents. And this was something to brag about, because it was progressive: the rights of the woman, the woman has the right over her body. (Yes, her right to kill her baby and her right to have a pretty face from its fetal tissue -- where were/are the bishops in this, particularly those of Germany who continue with their pornographic publishing empire. Pornography leads to abortion)

I don't know about here in Italy, I don't want to say because I'm not sure, but what will happen when the state is unable to pay the pensions, because there aren't enough young people working according to the law, (he understands the economic impact of a low-birth rate.) because there is that black market for labor that they do, not always but… And the elderly - I've said this about Latin America, about my country, but I believe it's a universal problem or of many countries or some other continents - the elderly are discarded with stealth euthanasia. The social services cover medical treatment up to a certain point, and then you're on your own! (Barack Hussein Obama's death panels?)

A Europe weary with disorientation. And I don't want to be a pessimist, but let's tell the truth: after food, clothing, and medicine, what are the most important expenditures? Cosmetics, and I don't know how to say this in Italian, but the “mascotas,” the little animals. They don't have children, but their affection goes to the little cat, to the little dog. And this is the second expenditure after the three main ones. The third is the whole industry to promote sexual pleasure. So it’s food, medicine, clothing, cosmetics, little animals, and the life of pleasure. Our young people feel this, they see this, they live this.

I liked very much what His Eminence said, because this is truly the drama of Europe today. But it's not the end. I believe that Europe has many resources for going forward. It's like a sickness that Europe has today. A wound. And the greatest resource is the person of Jesus. Europe, return to Jesus! Return to that Jesus whom you have said was not in your roots! And this is the work of the pastors: to preach Jesus in the midst of these wounds. I have spoken of only a few, but there are tremendous wounds. To preach Jesus. And I ask you this: don't be ashamed to proclaim Jesus Christ risen who has redeemed us all. And for us too that the Lord may not rebuke us, as today in the Gospel of Luke he rebuked these two cities.

The Lord wants to save us. I believe this. This is our mission: to proclaim Jesus Christ, without shame. And he is ready to open the doors of his heart, because he manifests his omnipotence above all in mercy and forgiveness. Let's go forward with preaching. Let's not be ashamed. So many ways of preaching, but to mama Europe - or grandma Europe, or wounded Europe - only Jesus Christ can speak a word of salvation today. Only he can open a door of escape.

+ + +

This is what we need to hear from Pope Francis. This is what the European Parliament needs to hear.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christ is King in the here and now not only the hereafter

Christ the King! Ghent Altarpiece
Today, November 23 in the revised calendar, is the Solemnity of Christ the King. According to the traditional calendar for the traditional Latin liturgy it is the The Last Sunday After Pentecost, the Feast of Christ the King was celebrated on the last Sunday in October.

At this time of year in both the traditional and revised liturgy (though less in this Year A) the Mass begins to focus on the four last things and the eschatological theology that is a reality for humanity. This last Sunday of October was the date chosen for this relatively new feast, it was instituted by Pope Pius XI in his 1925 encyclical letter Quas Primas in response to growing nationalism and secularism and to the radical and violent anti-Christian secularism of communism. The title of the feast was "D. N. Jesu Christi Regis" (Our Lord Jesus Christ, King) and immediately preceded the Feast of All Saints and then All Souls, surely there was a symbolism in that. It was also "Reformation Sunday" in the protestant communities and the Pope was providing with clarity the Social Kingship of Christ and the authority of the Catholic Church to proclaim it.

In 1969, the Feast was transferred in just one more of a flurry of liturgical changes issued by Pope Paul VI in his motu proprio Mysterii Paschalis. The focus of the Feast changed as well which involved a re-writing of the Proper of the Mass, (though not the Chants, these are the same); and the Readings. The new prayers are beautiful but they are different and it is telling. After Vatican II, the Church, in an effort to push the discredited and scandalous ostpolitik and find an accommodation with the masonic globalist superstructures changed the focus of this feast. 

It did not change the doctrine, but it did change the focus which has essentially changed the belief. Does this ring a bell?

Liturgically speaking, the sung Proper of the Mass, the Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Offertory and Communion of both Missals are the same. The Collect, Secret/Super Oblata and the Postcommunion are quite different and Father Z takes these apart and highlights the change emphasis as a result of these changes. 

The scripture readings though are different. According to the Roman Missal of 1962, we read an Epistle from the Letter of St. Paul to the Colossians, 1:12-20 while the Gospel is that of St. John 18:33-37. In the Revised Lectionary for the Ordinary Form, we read in Year A for the Lesson, Ezekiel 34:11-12,15-17; the Epistle is from the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians 15:20-26,28 and the Gospel is from St. Matthew 25:31-46. In Year B, our current year as this is written, we will read the Lesson from the prophet Daniel 7:13-14, the Epistle from the Apocalypse of St. John, 1:5-8 and the Gospel is from St. John, 18:33-37. In Year C the Lesson is II Samuel 5:1-3, the Epistle is St. Paul's Letter to the Colossians 1:12-20 (as in the EF, above) with the Gospel from St. Matthew 25:31-46. The Responsory (the correct name for the "Responsorial" psalm) and the Gospel verse vary, if sung from the Graduale Romanum, 1974, they are static as in the Proper referred to above.

An unfortunate reality is the rupture of dates, never asked for or anticipated by the Council Fathers. It is all very unfortunate that we continue on different pages in the Rite(s?) and something that can be hoped for is some future harmony. Which is best? 

There are arguments for both; on a personal note, and I would never presume to be an expert liturgist, but I can see the reasons for the original decision by and liturgically for the change; there is a reason behind Pope Paul VI's argument. However, Pope Pius XII had a reason for instituting this feast and if he believed that it was the eschatological dimension that was necessary to associate with it, he would have done so. That eschatological event is the Gospel for the Last Sunday after Pentecost so the debate is moot it is there. The feast was instituted to tell us, now, in this secular world that Christ is King of the Social Order in the here and now, not just in that which is to come.

In the last paragraph of Father Z's article while finding it hard to "find fault" with the new prayers he goes on to write that "The change of placement of the feast and the change of theology of the prayers probably reflect the soft approach to Communism adopted by Rome in those years, called ostopolitik." When we compare the prayers, there is a clear de-emphasis on "triumphant language and imagery " It was as if "the writers of the newer prayers did not want to give the impression that Christ was to be accepted as Lord and King by political entities in this earthly existence." 

Fr. F.W. Faber, Cong.Orat.
Anglican convert, Blessed John Henry Newman contemporary, founder of the London Oratory and prolific hymn-writer, Father Faber wrote that "all change is bad from its very nature. It is full of evil; it unsettles and disturbs; it is full of the world; it is the very spirit of the world; and nothing worse can be said of it." It is truly unsettling that one Pope would come along only 45 years later and change what a previous Pope had instituted  This is what we have endured - a tinker, tinker mentality that had nothing to do with the Second Vatican Council or its Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy.

Somebody around the Vatican thought that they had a better idea and they convinced a Pope that it was, just like the Octave of Pentecost

Friday, 21 November 2014

Ontario's Lesbian Premier out to sexualize children

Originally published in July 2013, I present this post again, below. For those not familiar with the Ontario situation and the photo, I shall explain. In the centre is baby-killing advocate and fascist Justin Trudeau, the son of the former Prime Minister. He is leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and lusts to be Prime Minister because...well, because he and Quebec deserve it. On the far right is Kathleen Wynne. She is Premier of Ontario, a woman that left her husband and children for another woman to whom she is now "married", but who am I to judge? To the right is Benjamin Levin, at the time a bureaucrat in the Ministry of Education who was developing a blatantly obscene update to the current sex-education curriculum which would have include elementary school curriculum on sexual behaviours which need no mention here. 

Levin was busted for child pornography production and sexual assault of a minor and is awaiting trial.

The Premier Wynne elected by many a Catholic-behaving-badly is now ready to foist upon Ontario children the same and enhanced version of that curriculum.

There is a petition here organised by Teresa Pierre of PAFE, Parents As First Educators

Perversion of our children - the proud are brought down
July 11, 2013

The Catholic Church is right about sexual morality. Of all the perversions, none are worse than those which affect children. These crimes cry out to God for justice and those who participate in them, especially if they be Catholic clergy such as Raymond Lahey and many others, have committed grave crimes against the children and against the God. As our Lord tell us in the Gospel of Luke; "It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he be cast into the sea, than that he should scandalise one of these little ones." One crime of this nature by any Catholic cleric is too many; but when that happens the Church is mocked and crucified by those who perpetuate it themselves. When God gives someone the ability to be a His minister or a civil leader or an educator the culpability for these crimes is severe. The gift of leadership is from God, it is either used for the betterment of His people or for personal gain; God will not be mocked. We, as Catholics are disgusted when these crimes are committed and covered up by those who serve Christ and His Church. One is too many, but make no mistake; those who commit these heinous crimes outside the Church are in greater numbers and ever increasing, thanks to the Internet.
MICHELE MANDEL - Wynne adviser free on bail, can never be truly free again
Benjamin Levin, Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne
In the middle of the picture above is Justin Trudeau, a Catholic and son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Poor Justin, he's inherited the worst of both of his parents, his father's morals and his mother's brains. Trudeau lusts to be Prime Minister of Canada and is now leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He once said, "I always say, if at a certain point, I believe Canada was really the Canada of Stephen Harper - that we were going against abortion, and we were going against gay marriage, and we were going backwards in 10,000 different ways - maybe I would think about making Quebec a country."

To Trudeau's left, is Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of the Ontario. Premier Wynne has three children and at the age of 37 she came "out" as a lesbian, left her husband and children and is now "married" to a woman. Wynne was Minister of Education in the previous Ontario Government under Premier Dalton McGuinty, another Catholic.

The shoulder to Wynne's left is that of former Ontario Premier, Socialist Bob Rae. enough said.

Now, what about the little man on the right of Justin.

His name is Benjamin Levin. Little Benny in his white hat and shorts looking like a little adolescent boy is a tenured professor at the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. He was also a member of the transition team for Premier Wynne when she took power from Dalton McGuinty. When Wynne was Minister of Education, Benny was Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Education and the two of them conspired with the Catholic Premier to foist upon the children and parents of Ontario a new education curriculum. Evangelical Pastor Charles McVety said of this curriculum; "It is unconscionable to teach eight-year old children same-sex marriage, sexual orientation and gender identity. It is even more absurd to subject sixth graders to instruction on the pleasures of masturbation, vaginal lubrication and 12 year-olds lessons on oral sex and anal intercourse."

Yes, that's right; Levin and Wynne and McGuinty were going to force this on Ontario's children and families. Now that Wynne is Premier this vile child corrupting, homosexualist and perverted anti-family curriculum is again on the horizon.

Yet, sometimes one can be a little too smart, a little too cocky, a little too arrogant and a little too filled with "pride." One is reminded of the words of Our Lady in the Magnificat, "He hath shewed His mighty arm; He hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart. He hath put down the might from their seat."

You see, this Levin, 61 and a married man (to a woman, imagine that, poor dear she is) was arrested after an investigation that included cooperation with police in New Zealand, in fact, it was police there that broke the case. He was charged with two counts of distributing child pornography and one count each of making child pornography, counselling to commit an indictable offence and arrangement of a sexual offence against a child under 16. Two new charges of possessing and accessing child pornography have now been laid.

Levin is presumed innocent until he is proven guilty in the courts. His solicitor is Clayton Ruby who will vigorously defend this alleged pervert; Ruby is an activist out of the school of Saul Alinsky and is known for his anti-Catholic views.

Mr. Raymond Lahey whilst bishop
Like Raymond Lahey, the former Catholic Bishop of Antigonish, now defrocked and apparently living with his male lover, he, the force behind the liturgical disaster of CBWIII, we have no business with child pornography on our computers. If it is there, we are guilty of a crime. If you make child porn, you are guilty of a serious crime. Unless it was planted, then what defence is there? The courts will settle this; but as with Mr. Lahey, the sentence will not be enough. Other than SUN News, where is the secular media and who is asking the questions about the link between his alleged predilection for child porn and his work as an educator and policymaker in the Ontario Government? Not that he did both, but the bias and influence of this man and other like him working within the bowels of government? Undemocratic. Unaccountable. Evil men and women.

This alleged pervert conspired to foist a curriculum which was pornographic and corrupting on Ontario's children under the current lesbian Premier who deserted her family for her own sexual selfishness. Nobody can sit there and say that there is no link between the planning of this curriculum and the selfish sexual desires of those who propagate it. We've known this for years, we've said it and for doing so, we are labelled as intolerant and threatened with human rights complaints.  So be it. 

The picture of the three amigos was taken on June 30, 2013 at Toronto's Gay Pride Parade, two weeks before the alleged perverts arrest. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Yes, the Catholic Church is right;  yes, there is a connection between this alleged pervert's criminal actions and the corruption of our children by our government and their homosexual and perverted heterosexual allies.

Believe it.
Mugshot of Benjamin Levin

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Write to Francis!

His Holiness Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
Vatican City

Cardinal Burke was a former Vatican official (PA)

Catholic Herald

Cardinal urges Pope Francis to take hot-button issues off table for next family synod

By  on Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Warning that Satan was sowing confusion and error about matrimony, the cardinal patron of the Knights of Malta said, “Even within the church there are those who would obscure the truth of the indissolubility of marriage in the name of mercy.”
The 66-year-old former archbishop of St Louis instead recommended that next year’s synod devote itself to promoting the church’s teaching on marriage.
Cardinal Burke also ruled out any easing of the restriction on Communion for those divorced and remarried without an annulment of their original marriage.
“I fail to be able to comprehend how — if marriage is indissoluble and someone is living in a state contradicting this indissolubility of marriage — the person can be admitted to holy Communion,” he said.
He urged the Catholic faithful to write to Pope Francis and Vatican and Irish church officials to make their views known.
Lashing out at the “so-called contraceptive mentality,” he warned it was “anti-life” and blamed it for “the devastation that is daily wrought in our world by the multi-million dollar industry of pornography” and the “incredibly aggressive homosexual agenda,” which he claimed could only result in “the profound unhappiness and even despair of those affected by it.”
Cardinal Burke said he was reduced to tears by attempts to introduce “so-called gender theory” into schools.
He warned that such theory was “iniquitous” and that exposing children to such “corrupt thinking” could not be permitted.
He said “society has gone even further in its affront to God and his law by claiming the name of marriage for liaisons between persons of the same sex.”
To applause, the cardinal said he refused to use the term traditional marriage for the marriage of a man and a woman.
“My response is — is there any other kind of marriage? I fear that by using that terminology that we give the impression that we think that there are other kinds of marriage; well, we don’t.”
Speaking ahead of the conference to RTE News, Cardinal Burke said he would refuse Communion to a Catholic politician who voted for same-sex marriage.
In his opening address to the conference, Bishop Brendan Leahy of Limerick said the family needs to be rediscovered as the essential agent of evangelization.However, he referred to the final message of October’s synod, to remind conference delegates that “people need to be accepted in the concrete circumstances of life.”

Support for a Toronto Seminarian!

Dear Voxers,

Reprinted from the Una Voce Toronto. Please give consideration if you can.

God bless.

Last year, The Toronto Traditional Mass Society - UNAVOCE TORONTO had a campaign to raise funds for a young man from the Archdiocese of Toronto, Joseph Heppelle. Joseph is studying for the holy priesthood with the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest at their Seminary of St. Philip Neri at Gricigiliano, Italy. In the spring, Joseph was ordained into the Minor Orders of Porter and Lector.

We are pleased to announce our 2014 campaign for Joseph, the eldest of eight children from a wonderful Catholic and musically-talented family.

Our goal is $20,000, double that of last year's goal of $10,000 which we able to exceed, thanks to you.

It was so edifying to see the donations come in, even from as far away as Australia (Thank you Father!!!).

I know Joseph personally, his father and mother and his whole family. They are wonderful people and I personally attest to his faith and his dedication to his studies and seminary life.

Will you help us support Joseph?

There are two ways to donate.

You can send a cheque made payable to Una Voce Toronto (write Seminarian JH on the memo line) and mail it to:

Una Voce Toronto
3701 Lakeshore Boulevard West
P.O. Box 48577
Toronto, Ontario,
M8W 4Y6

A tax-receipt will be issued to Canadian addresses.

Or, if easier, (it will be and it will save me paperwork!) you can donate through CanadaHelps at this address. CanadaHelps will issue any appropriate tax receipt directly. CanadaHelps is safe and secure and we have used their services for a number of years.

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Joseph remembers all of his benefactors daily at Holy Mass.

Thank you and God bless. 

Support for Seminarian JH at ICRSS Seminary in Griciliano, Italy

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The Toronto Traditional Mass Society - Una Voce Toronto is established to promote the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, (the Traditional Catholic Latin Mass) and Gregorian chant in the Archdiocese of Toronto. We have a young man, the eldest of eight of a home-schooled family studying for the Catholic priesthood at the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest Seminary of St. Philip Neri in Gricigliano, Italy. 
Joseph is now installed as Porter and Lector and works hard on his studies and his maintenance duties at the seminary. All studies are in French and Italian.
Please give consideration to donating for this young-man's education as he prepares to serve Jesus Christ, Sovereign Priest and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and the community of faithful which belong to Her.
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Monday, 17 November 2014

No let-up on exposing the adulterist/homosexualist heresy in the Catholic Church and the machinations of those at the Synod on the Family

The next year is going to be fierce. Lest anyone doubt the resolve of the manipulators to carry on they shall. Let they and their ilk not doubt the reality of the blogosphere and the resolve of faithful Catholics around the world to confront this evil, this heresy and expose it to the Light of Truth which comes from Jesus Christ for all to see.

It will not matter if the perpetrator of the adulterist and homosexualist heresy is a priest, a bishop an archbishop or a cardinal, the truth will not be obliterated. 

Two posts worth reading.

The Eponymous Flower has an important article translated from the original German from Katholiches based on Father Dariusz Oko and his warnings against the homoheresy and homomafia running rampant in the Church today. He reminds us that it was Benedict XVI who established a clear ban on the ordination to the priesthood of anyone with deep-seated same-sex tendencies.

The second is from Toronto Catholic Witness quoting newly ordained Father Leo S. I. Mwenda, O.P., where he contradicts the octogenarian German Cardinal Walter Kasper that the resistance in Africa to the adulterist and the homosexualist heresy is not because of "taboo" but because they are opposed to "right reason and contrary to God's intention for human sexuality."

This Synod on the Family held in October in Rome has clearly defined the issues and the sides. You are either with the perennial Magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church or you are opposed to it.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Contradictory Pope - A major interview with Sandro Magister

Under Bergoglio, Christianity Matters Less - A Contradictory Pope
- A Major Interview with Sandro Magister

The Pope is confusing many bishops

Sandro Magister, interviewed by Goffredo Pistelli
Italia Oggi
November 13, 2014

This year Sandro Magister celebrates 40 years as a Vatican journalist. His first articles in L’Espresso in fact, date back to 1974.  And today, from those columns and also from the site of the weekly magazine, he still continues to report Vatican and Church news, everything very well-documented without bowing down to anyone.
Born in 1943, native of Busto Arsizio, with degrees in Philosophy and Theology from the “Cattolica” Magister has followed many Roman pontiffs. His articles regarding the present Pontiff, Pope Francis, are distinct from the mainstream Vatican journalists, unhesitatingly noting contradictions.  

For the complete interview, please visit Rorate Caeli Blog.