Monday, 31 August 2015

Are Canadian Bishops and Development & Peace manipulating Catholics for the Liberal Party and the NDP Socialists?

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued its advisory on the Canadian election. As referenced previously, there is a little and not so subtle reminder about voting for a "Just Society" a phrase coined by Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Perhaps it is Canada's bishops desire to see Catholics vote Liberal.

Now, we have Development and Peace (not one penny to them) getting into the subliminal act.

A blatant logo of the Maple Leaf and Parliament in Liberal red and NDP orange and not a hint of Conservative Party blue.

Do you idiots at D&P and the CCCB think we're stupid?

Go ahead, ruin Canada and the lives of your children and your own when you grow old. Go ahead and ruin the best place to live on the face of the earth. Go ahead and vote for pro-baby killing and pro-euthanasia parties. Go ahead and you'll stand in line right behind these trying to explain why you knowingly voted to elect politicians who believe that killing babies in the womb and the elderly and infirm is acceptable.

Good luck to you on that day.

As for D&P, not one penny. Not one!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Are you a Pharisee caught up in externals? According to Father Thomas J. Rosica, CSB ; you just might be!

I confess that I am a Pharisee and I am caught up in externals.

You see, I believe that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ on Calvary brought forward in time. It is the blood atonement, the propitiatory sacrifice by the Son through the Holy Spirit to the Father for the remission of my sins and those of the whole world. 

Since it is the most perfect worship to God in Trinity and in Unity it must be the most beautiful and worthy that we can make it. To quote from the masthead on this blog by St. Pius X, "the beauty and sumptuousness of the Temple, the splendour and accurate performance of the ceremonies." I am hung-up on these externals spoken of so eloquently by the holy Pope and Saint who was clearly hung up on those same, "externals."

In today's Epistle for the XIV Sunday after Pentecost, St. Paul tells us and the Galatians:
"Brethren: Walk in the Spirit: and you shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. For the flesh lusteth against the spirit: and the spirit against the flesh: For these are contrary one to another: so that you do not the things that you would. But if you are led by the spirit, you are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are manifest: which are fornication, uncleanness, immodesty, luxury, idolatry, witchcrafts, enmities, contentions, emulations, wraths, quarrels, dissensions, sects, envies, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like. Of the which I foretell you, as I have foretold to you, that they who do such things shall not obtain the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is, charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, longanimity, Mildness, faith, modesty, continency, chastity. Against such there is no law. And they that are Christ's have crucified their flesh, with the vices and concupiscences."
According to Father Thomas J. Rosica, of that wonderfully faithful and growing Congregation of St. Basil, and the incredibly orthodox Salt + Light Television, if one tries to live according to St. Paul's teaching, one is a Pharisee.
"Who are the modern-day Pharisees and their followers? The blind modern-day Pharisees and their blind followers are very religious, moral, zealous people. They strive to keep God’s law, and they are zealous in their religious duties. They diligently attend Church every Sunday. They are hardworking, outwardly upright citizens. They keep themselves from and preach against moral evil. In addition to being moral and religious and zealous, modern-day Pharisees and their followers do not believe that salvation is conditioned on the work of Christ alone; instead, they believe that salvation is ultimately up to human efforts and what the sinner adds to Christ’s work!"
If you take your Catholic faith seriously as the true religion revealed by the God, if you try to live a moral life as St. Paul advises above, if you are zealous for the faith and Christ as we are told in the psalms, "zeal" for His house, you too are a Pharisee. 

If you strive to keep God's law, The Ten Commandments and the Catechism of the Catholic Church and do your religious duty, you are even more of a Pharisee. 

It you attend Mass every Sunday, which is a precept of the Church; if you are hardworking and if you avoid the "near occasion of sin" and preach the truth of Christ and call sin, sin, then you are also a Pharisee.

You are obviously only an "outwardly upright citizen" because the truth is, you're a cheating, lying, fornicating, envious, slothful, lusting, slanderous, evil, cursing, greedy, blasphemous and covetous old hypocrite!

Not only that, but rather than cooperating with grace and the salvation offered by Our Lord Jesus Christ, you're really a closet Pelagian. 

Now, whether or not you're a "self-absorbed promethean, neo-pelagian" you'll have to ask the Bishop of Rome.

But as for Father Thomas Rosica, I have one question, "Who are you to judge?"

Oh, and if I've been incorrect with any of the above, sue me!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

No "shaking" on Sodomy

Ignatius Ayau Kaigama, Archbishop of Jos in Nigeria
We are approaching the Synod on the Family, Round II. The sodomites in Germany and Switzerland and their sympathisers in the episcopacy, either because they are sodomites themselves or are being blackmailed for other things or their inaction on abuse, are ramping up to undermine doctrine and the faith. Make no mistake. These evil, filthy men are out to destroy the Church of Christ. This is not a new battle, it is just that it is now out in the open.

The leadership is coming from Africa and bishops such as Ignatius Kaigama of Jos. Where are our Canadian Bishops? Where are our American prelates?  

And who planted the seeds in Africa so many decades ago?

Marcel François Marie Joseph Lefebvre!

Ironic, no?

‘No Shaking’ on Sodomy

Nigerian bishops: "The culture of same-sex marriage is alien to our understanding of the family"

by Ryan Fitzgerald  •   August 27, 2015   34 COMMENTS
JOS, Nigeria, August 27, 2015 ( - The Nigerian bishops won't budge in their firm stance against same-sex "marriage."
That's the latest word from Abp. Ignatius Kaigama, president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria and leader of the Jos archdiocese.
He told a recent Catholic assembly in his archdiocese, "The culture of same-sex marriage is alien to our understanding of the family and should not be imposed on Nigerians."
These words were met with heavy applause.
The archbishop then shifted to Nigeria's Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which took effect in 2014. He is an ardent supporter of it, and at the time he lauded Nigeria's president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, for signing it into law amid heavy criticism from other world leaders.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Sodomite Perverts taking control of the Church of Christ

It's time to ramp it up Voxers.

Out these filthy perverts and the blackmailed or sodomite bishops that support them and protect them!

Featured Image
Swiss Catholic bishops enlist pro-gay activist to author their report for Synod
August 28, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- While the Swiss Bishop Vitus Huonder of the Diocese of Chur is still under public criticism for upholding the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church on homosexuality, the Swiss Bishops' Conference is coming under pressure because of its alliance with a man who has been himself promoting the homosexual and gender agenda for many years.  Dr. Arnd Bünker is the head of the Swiss Institute for Pastoral Sociology, which wrote the Swiss Bishops' Conference much-criticized report in preparation for the upcoming 2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family in Rome. The report explicitly and insistently requests that the Church cease excluding remarried divorcees from the Sacraments and that she give a place to the partnerships of male and female homosexuals.

Wesolowski - justice has been done - the homosexual perversion has its juggernaut around the throats of bishops!

Josef Wesolowski is dead. The highest-ranking Churchmen to be charged and put on trial for sexual assault against children has been judged. Not by a Vatican court, not by a Roman civil court but by the only court and judge who matters, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The late layman Wesolowski drinking "unto his condemnation"
As Catholics, we must hope that Jozef Wesolowski repented and did penance and received the Sacraments and the rest is left to the mercy of God.

Wesolowski also had a collection of 100,000 images of child pornography on his computer, most of his crimes were committed whilst he was a diplomat in Central America - a reminder of Canada's defrocked pervert bishop of the long-suffering Diocese of Antigonish and destroyer of Catholic music with CBWIII, Raymond Lahey. He returned from Bangkok via London when the filth and perversion of child pornography was found on his computer. 

What single man visits Bangkok? What bishop does? 

What was the common-denominator between these two men?

They were both sodomites and they should never, ever have been admitted to the Catholic priesthood. 

They both got sexual pleasure about watching pornograpic videos of young boys and men and at least in the case of Wesolowski, acting it out ; there is no evidence that Lahey ever did, at least not yet.

Mr. Lahey caught with porn at Ottawa Airport
Pornography of all kinds is a vile and destructive evil. It is a crime against the persons acting out or forced as slaves to do it. it is a crime against the person viewing it and most of all it is a crime against God. 
The day is coming when all of these sodomites, deacons, priests, bishops and cardinals are going to be "outed." They are filth. They are scum. They are evil, vile, despicable creatures. They have mocked Our Lord and Saviour, His Bride and His Sacrifice. They have defiled Him and the Truth. They are putrid, they are evil. 

These filthy, dirty, perverted monsters are in great control now but they will not win. They are trying to change the Truth and doctrine and they will rise up in October, but they will be struck down.

You, you filthy priest, you traitorous bishop. 

Get out!

...and if that is not enough, there is this!

Pope Francis Sends “Blessing” to Publisher of Homosexual-Friendly Books for Children

Yet more scandal from this tumultuous pontificate. Oremus

Pope Francis Sends “Blessing” to Publisher of Homosexual-Friendly Books for Children

By John Vennari
August 28: Pope Francis sent an encouraging letter to lesbian founder of publishing house for children’s books.

Il Giornale reports, “The Pope blesses gender ideology books. To the author he writes: “Go ahead.”
The report continues, “Pope Francis still amazes, writing a long letter to the author of the books that the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, wanted to ban from its schools. After the Synod on the family that threatens to split the church, the Pope again lines up in defense of the same-sex couples.”

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

An apology to Canada's Pro-Life Activists

Last week I posted about the Canadian election and a perceived failure by pro-life activists to move the issue forward politically. I opined that the movement has suffered because of a lack of political action within the mainstream parties only to end up with splintered votes. I also opined that an "all or nothing" approach has been taken and therefore, no progress has been made on any legislation to gradually scale-back abortion to the point where it can eventually be eliminated.

My words were offensive to two people, at least and probably more and probably many, many more; I offended two people for whom I have the utmost respect. Their work in the past and present and what they will do in the years to come is immeasurable and at times, heroic. When I was living as a Catholic-in-name-only, they were fighting the battle. I did nothing to further the cause. I have offended them. It was out of ignorance, not out of malice and my opinion was ill-informed and I was wrong. 

The whole gang at LifeSiteNews deserve our credit. While this was intended as a slight against LifeSiteNews or anyone there, certainly the good people there took offense, and rightly so; no doubt so have people at Campaign Life Coalition. I have been duly corrected and I am sorry for the offense which I caused.

It seems from the comments that I was not alone in ignorance of the history, particularly the betrayal by Canada's bishops. 

With the permission of Steve Jalsevac, I am reprinting his emailed letter to me. It served as a wake-up call for me and for any in Canada that shared the same opinion, I hope it does for you too. Perhaps, as a few commenters indicated, Steve should write a book to document this pathetic history:

David, your evaluation of past pro-life efforts is distressingly uninformed. The view from the inside of Campaign Life Coalition and other groups is vastly different than the brutally harmful, inaccurate history that you present. The claim that the movement "has taken an "all or nothing" approach" generates a fury within me because some may actually believe that falsehood (I don't say it is intentional). 
Unless you were right there with us you cannot understand all that was attempted and the devastating repeat betrayals, and destructive Catholic and other opposition and extreme disappointments that were experienced by the pro-life movement in this nation. 
The situation in Canada is dramatically different politically, legally, religiously and culturally from the United States. So don't look to the US and say, if they did it there it should also have worked here. Some things did, but many did not simply because it was Canada. We have tried just about every US strategy and also developed our own unique approaches. As well, the US successes have been exaggerated. Sure they elected many pro-lifers and were thankfully able to pass a large amount of incremental legislation, but abortion is still very common in the US. Abortion stats are still huge every year. The culture of death is far from being ended, We are, however, much encouraged by the recent video exposes of Planned Parenthood and the strong pro-life calibre of many of the Republican leadership candidates. 

Just try to get a Canadian pro-lifer nominated in Canada. The nomination wars are dirtier in Canada with the parties being tyrannical and blind to nomination rules when they have certain candidates that they want to be the nominee, which have never been pro-life. The Canadian political system is more amenable to tyrants than the US system with its stronger democratic traditions and checks and balances. However, freedom has deteriorated in the US under the Obama administration.

To state that incremental measures were not attempted betrays profound lack of awareness of what actually did take place. I myself was in a leadership position during attempts to gain some of the incremental advances (conscience legislation, defunding, parental rights) introduced. Exhausting work was put into consulting with MPs and MPPs and experts, preparing documents and legislative proposals and more, but with the mostly consistent result of the power elites ruthlessly shutting us down before we barely got to stage one or past the first vote. And of course you must be aware of Stephen Harper’s constant blocking of any chance of success of even the most reasonable incremental measures that the public overwhelmingly would support.

As you well know, there has been no religious leadership anywhere in Canada comparable to that in some quarters in the United States. In fact, terribly damaging, behind the scenes and also deliberate undermining of our efforts by Canadian bishops and the CCCB are one of the great scandals in the Church in Canada. The Catholic Church has far more influence in Canada than in the United States because Catholicism is the dominant Christian religion here.

As the result of a massive (that is no exaggeration), united effort by all the major pro-life organizations in Canada, we were extremely close to winning  protection for the unborn in the Charter of rights. However, this was suddenly lost at the last minute because of Cardinal Carter's betrayal via a secret agreement with Pierre Trudeau that ensured public funding for Ontario Catholic Schools. We were devastated by Carter's betrayal. Grown leaders were in tears.

The omnibus bill that legalized abortion, divorce and more in Canada was quietly given approval to John Turner in a private meeting with the CCCB  executive before the vote while the pro-life movement across the nation was vigorously opposing the bill. It was years before we learned of this betrayal. 

The CCCB seriously undermined the huge, united effort of the entire Canadian pro-life movement to pass the motion proposed by MP Gus Mitges to amend the Charter to include the unborn, which had a good chance of succeeding. 

The CCCB also actively undermined the efforts of the pro-life movement to defeat the Reproductive Issues Bill C-13 because of serious flaws in the bill. 

It took several years for more than one retired bishop to come to the March for Life in Ottawa. Distributing flyers simply noting the positions of the various local candidates on the life and family issues is almost universally forbidden by bishops in Canada, whereas such distribution is very common and encouraged in many dioceses in the United States. So a crippling handicap that the Canadian pro-life movement has had all along has been roadblocks put in our way to prevent the most natural pro-life voting base from becoming well informed at election or even nomination times. Worse, most of the bishops have been strong Liberal Party or NDP supporters, no matter what the position of the candidate on the life issues. 

It was Catholics who supported and elected lesbian Kathleen Wynne as an MPP. Friar Rick of St. Bonaventure's parish took her around door to door to homes in his riding promoting her election. 

The Canadian media, political and religious culture is far more ideologically uniform than in the US which encourages a greater diversity of views. In Canada, rocking the boat of the established consensus is greatly frowned upon. Lukewarmness is considered a virtue that must be enforced.

Opposition to aborted baby photos is stronger in Canada. The United States has nothing like the enormous, negative influence of Quebec on religion and politics on the entire nation. The majority of PMs since the 60s have been Quebecers - a province of mostly faithless, rebellious, former Catholics who despise Christian morality. Thankfully, there were a good number of wonderful bishop appointments in the province under Benedict. But change will take a long time.

There was a pro-life caucus in the Harris government, but it was essentially shut down by the premier and his thugs. What was done to MPP Jim Brown who worked closely with us on a proposed conscience protection bill, and more, was like something out of a Mafia movie. That very good man was crucified by the party leadership simply for acting according to his conscience and they made him a nervous wreck who forever left politics. Harris welcomed gay activist Jaime Watt into his inner circle and from then on all pro-life, pro-family efforts were toast. A gay activist was appointed to head the Human Rights Commission and the Harris government, more than any other in the nation, led the way to eventual federal passage of same-sex "marriage;.

We worked very closely with the PC Family Issues Caucus and Ontario MPP Frank Klees to pass his parental rights on health care Bill 91 which would simply have required that parents be advised of health care treatments planned for their children. The bill was supported by 34 Tory backbenchers from the PC “family issues caucus". But Mike Harris and his cabinet thugs betrayed their own caucus members and joined with the opposition to vote against and defeat the bill. See my report card on the Harris government.

I have shown you only a tiny snapshot of all that was attempted over many years. Your readers deserve more than your personal opinion, limited by your own experiences within the political system and all the whispers and lies that occur in that environment, in order to accurately make their own evaluations of what took place in the past and what should be done now.

Sorry to be so intense about this, but your comments were so far from the truth (I don't doubt the goodwill in them) and potentially damaging to the good reputations of some of the most dedicated and selfless people I have known in my life, that I felt I had no choice but to respond. These kinds of comments have been going around for years from one person to another and I can tell you that they serve no good purpose at all, other than to cause more harmful division and confusion.

Steve Jalsevac

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Jean-Paul-François Comtois - A hero of the Faith of Quebec and Canada and long-forgotten

As discussed previously, Canadians are at the early stages of a federal election. Two of the three party leaders, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau come from Quebec, both are Roman Catholic. Prime Minister Stephen Harper who was born in Toronto, represents a riding in Calgary and is a Christian, 

Mulcair and Trudeau are radical pro-abortionists. They do not permit any candidates who hold views against abortion to run for election. They are fascists and traitors to their baptism and to Our Lord Jesus Christ. They represent the New Quebec and they, and their are a disgrace to their faith, their culture and their history as sadly are most Quebecois. Quebec was once a Catholic land, its towns and cities named after Saints. The Catholic Church educated the people and helped them preserve their culture and identity in a continent dominated by English. They turned on Her with their "Quiet Revolution."

Congratulations Quebec, you have Canada's highest abortion rate and lowest birth rate. You reached out to "Francophone" immigrants from Algiers and Morocco (and you know what that means) before you would take a Catholic who could only speak English. You have the lowest rate of marriage and the highest rate of suicide. 

Quebec, you are dead.

But you have a history and you have heroes and Saints and this is the story of one of them.

How interesting though that this story is told not by one of you, but by an English-speaker - an American born in New York, schooled there and in Argentina, a former resident of South Africa and a citizen of the Republic of Ireland. I write of Andrew Cusack the blogger writer and historian based now in London, not the one in Ontario. 

On March 24, 2009, over six years ago, Cusack posted a story of our history that I did not know. I doubt many Quebecois know it either. Shame on all of us as Canadians and Catholics.

Born in 1895 in Saint-Thomas-de-Pierreville, in Québec’s Yamaska County Jean-Paul-François Comtois was a farmer, a agronomist, Mayor, Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister and eventually the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec, the representative of the Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, in Quebec, as we have in all provinces.

He was also a devout Catholic. When he became Lieutenant-Governor and moved to the mansion residences, he asked the Primate of Canada and Cardinal Archbishop of Quebec to permit him to have the Blessed Sacrament reserved in a chapel in the estate. 

The rest of the story can be found at

At a time when our nation and its once-great Province, its founding people are lost in rampant secularism and the murder of babies let us remember this great Canadian.

At a time when some priest and many faithful have lost belief in the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, let us remember what man did because he believed.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Canada's Bishops once again betray the faithful and the fullness of the truth! Do they subliminally suggest a vote for Justin Trudeau?

Canadians are in the early stages of a federal election campaign set for October 19. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, of the Conservative Party of Canada, called the campaign and is opposed by Thomas Mulcair of the New Democratic Party, a party founded by western farmers who were actually devout protestant Christians and has long since become a hard-left, radical democratic-socialist cabal. Other than the irrelevant Green Party the other is the once-great Liberal Party of Catholics, immigrants and the common man lead by Justin Trudeau, the drama teacher, snow-board instructing son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Mulcair and Trudeau are both Catholic and from Quebec with Mulcair also being a citizen of France. 

Both Trudeau and Mulcair are radical and proud abortion supporters. In fact, one cannot run as a candidate unless one promotes the religion of "choice" to kill the baby in the mother's womb up to the moment of birth in either Party. Justin Trudeau, pictured at the right "praying" in a mosque, also has committed to taking Quebec "out of Canada" should legislation ever by adopted that would restrict abortion or same-sex, so-called marriage. These are "Quebec values" according to this sage and philosophical moron. He also likes to kiss other people's new wives for the camera and pose with half-naked girls and appear alongside child-porn convicts.

Stephen Harper has brought forward not one ounce of legislation to protect the unborn. This is a tragedy. Private Members Bills on the matter have not passed Parliament. Despite the hope by Conservatives, he has not moved beyond the status-quo which in Canada is absolutely no law regulating abortion and a law that "personhood" begins when the child is outside of the birth canal.

As a Catholic, this makes voting for Stephen Harper extremely difficult and the others are simply out of the question. The local candidate may or may not be "pro-life" but at least the Conservative Party as Government has many who are and one may hold the pro-life position in Parliament. Local riding candidates that run have no chance as Independents and the peeling off of votes to them, in some ridings, will result in a Liberal or NDP seat which would make matters even worse.

One is left then to vote for the Party that will do the least evil. The stakes for Canada are very high in this election. I will have to hold my nose as a I cast my ballot. 

Fundamentally, "pro-life" officialdom in Canada has failed. It has marginalized itself. It has backed fringe candidates who have no other skills to offer. It has helped start parties that have peeled off a core lobby which in some cases lead to the forming of worse governments as happened in Ontario with many ridings taken by the left while votes split between the once Confederation of Regions or Family Coalition taking votes from the Progressive Conservatives (an oxymoron, I know). It has taken an "all or nothing" approach. It will not support incremental progress and so, we have no law. It directs people to fringe parties and candidates instead of finding strong, electable, pro-life candidates who can work from within. 

I spent a decade as a political organizer at the riding level and as as a paid professional in the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada which went through a metamorphosis 
to merge with the Reform Party under Harper to the Conservative Party of Canada. I was a Special Assistant in Ottawa on Parliament Hill under the Mulroney government when the Supreme Court struck down the last limited abortion law. I was at Queen's Park in Toronto as an advisor under the Harris government. Progress could have been made in these years. I know something about politics, organisation and messaging. In all of the years since, not one iota of legislative accomplishment.  The pro-life movement in Canada must advance with a new generation who understands this political failure and the political reality. The work is at the grass roots riding level, it is sheer numbers and it is in the mainstream parties. The March is necessary and better every year. Direct action in crisis pregnancy centres is saintly work. Yes, to postcards showing the reality of abortion. The political arm has been a failure and will continue to be until in mass numbers, pro-life minded people take out party memberships riding by riding and exert influence. The rest has not worked, though ultimately we know that stopping abortion means changing peoples hearts.

So, we are let down by a pro-life movement that has no political sense and into this comes the Canadian Bishops

Oh my, are we in trouble. 

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness provides an erudite and detailed assessment of this document and I urge you to read it. Church Militant has an exclusive interview with Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition that is a worth reading.

The Bishops have released a guide on voting. The first section includes the need for the voter to discern that candidates take up a position "Demanding the right to life for even the smallest among us – the human embryo and the foetus – since they too belong to the human family, while also providing assistance to pregnant women facing difficulties." The section continues with "Respecting the life and dignity of the dying, accompanying them until their natural death and promoting greater access to palliative care;" and, "Raising our voices against practices like physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, which deny the intrinsic value of human life,"

Let us give credit where it is due. 

Yet, the majority of the document then steers into social justice and environmental issues -- all part of the "seamless garment" philosophy which has suddenly made a return. It reads like a manifesto founded upon liberty, equality and fraternity for one and all.

The major problem with this document are the few references to the matters of life compared to the other policy questions. If one was to assess a candidate or party platform based on the whole of this document, a Catholic would find justification to vote for the radical pro-abortion Liberals or NDP, both lead by Roman Catholics from Quebec. 

Further, it actually refers to building a "Just Society." 

Now, is it just me or did the father of the Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau not coin that phrase back in 1968

Have the Canadian Bishops subliminally told us to vote for Justin Trudeau?

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Deacon Joseph thanks you!

Dear Friends,

Since late June, I've been posting about a Deacon of the Syro-Malabar Rite of the Catholic Church in India; a deacon with the call from Christ but as the eldest son still holding some responsibility for his parents. His father has suffered from tuberculosis and could not work; his parents lived in a three walled hovel open to the elements. 

When I met Deacon Joseph on Facebook, I was saddened by the situation particularly what he was feeling about leaving his parents in such a state whilst he became a priest. A priest must be free. Free from debt and that would include the debt to ones parents. I discovered that he had a YouCaring page and that was in need of $8000.00 US to build a small house for his parents so that he could be free, in spirit and the reality of life, to be ordained. Yet, he had raised only $60.00 from the first two good souls who came to his call. Immediately, I knew that I could help and so could you. 

We often are asked to give to charities where we never see the result. Here was  a chance where we could see tangible proof and become the work of His hands. I investigated the Deacon and received confirmation of his status in the Society of St. Thomas the Apostle and at Seminary. I was asked by his Religious Superior to help him. His story was genuine. I posted on this blog and the donations began, you responded. 

Then, a crisis - PayPal would no longer operate in India, Deacon could collect no more funds. After a quick consultation with the Board of Una Voce Toronto, the Toronto Traditional Mass Society stepped in and registered to accept all donations from his YouCaring page through PayPal. The second transfer of those funds have now been sent to Deacon Joseph in India in order to pay-off the contractors who built the house on a hope and a prayer that they would be paid.

You have built a house, friend. With your $5, your $10, your $50, your $100, $1000 and Auntie Anonymous Flower with her matching of everything that came in over $4000 to the total of $8000! 

Today, the total sits at $8,993.00!

I will leave the link up to the left here for now. If you have not yet given and feel that you would like to, we will still accept funds and forward them to Deacon Joseph. Any further help that you can give will help him finish his studies and provide for his Ordination expenses in December. You may follow this link to YouCaring where you can still make an online donation and view the pictures placed there by Deacon Joseph. 

Deacon Joseph's parents have all of your names. They are on a wall in the new abode and they pray for each of you daily.

On behalf of Deacon Joseph and his parents, thank you and God bless you for your love.

Here, is Deacon Joseph's letter to you.

Dear Voxers, When I was in the second standard or grade as you would say, I felt the call to become a priest. I read the life of many saints and I was inspired and desired to become a missionary priest. I told my parents about this. They encouraged me a lot. When I reached the upper classes, I had good friends who were also wishing to become priests. The days went on and when I finished my high school I was praying that God would reveal His plan for me.
One day, one priest came and asked me if I am willing to go seminary. I told him my story. He suddenly advised me of Missionary Society of St. Thomas. Hearing the words missionary and St. Thomas I agreed to him that I will join that seminary. St. Thomas is the Apostle of India and my baptismal name is Thomas and I loved St. Thomas very much; it all made me selecting this seminary as my own.  It was God who brought that priest to me to guide me. It was the right choice and I have experience consolation. I have been very happy always and by God's grace, I was good in studies and games. All loved me. I prayed a lot. I wanted to be a priest who does exorcism because I knew the common enemy of everyone is Satan and Jesus did most of his ministry defeating Satan's kingdom. 
It was some years back that some troubles came to my life when my father got sick with tuberculosis. He could not go for work and the days at home were very pathetic for my mother and brother and father. Many from outside asked me to come back home and take care of the family. I prayed to God and said, “I have come to serve you but if you do not heal my father, I will have to go back.” I prayed with tears. Finally father got better though not fully enough to work. But there was a pain for me that my parents are not having a good home to stay. It was my duty as the elder one to protect parents but since I joined seminary I could not take care for them. If I help him after becoming priest, I may be interested in them only and I may not do my duty. 
In that time only God brought me Bro David – Vox Cantoris, who offered me a help. It was grace filled and marvelous. I never thought I would be helped this much. You, all dear Voxers helped me a lot. I love you all and pray for you.  Thanks a lot for your help to me. I have updated the photos of my old home and present home. It’s my promise that you will be remembered in my Prayers all my life. I thank you a lot. Now my parents have good house and I can go for Christ fully.
God led me all the way until now. I believe he will lead me again. Now the days of my ordination are approaching. I have been preparing for my spiritual needs. And my all credits for this home comes to you dear people. If you were not extending your hands to me, I would have been in trouble. I know you are all well experienced in life and in Christ, I request you to pray for me and share me your convictions of a priest that I must be.
 By loving Deacon Joseph