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Antonio Socci - The Bergoglio Effect in Ireland "The Mass is Ended"

Image result for antonio socciThe From Rome Blog has its own translation of  an article by Antonio Socci

That Ireland, ancient fortress of Catholicism, has gone over to the people of “gay” marriage (“and who am I to judge”, as the Bishop of Rome is want to say), is a historical event.  If this sounds like the profound rumble of an avalanche, as in the collapse of a mountain falling down, it is just to ask, “Is this an Bergoglio effect?”
Besides, in South America, the Church has already been crumbling for years (the statistics are horrible); now in Europe, the heart of Christendom.
That which renders secularism dominant — as Cardinal De Lubac used to say — is the propulsion and instrumentalization of “a Christianity ever more in the minority, reduced to a vague and impotent theism.”

Barack and his Puppets

Today, only such a theism is permitted.  Instead, the Catholic Church as She has been known upto now is threatened even as regards Her existence.
There is only place for a ridiculous laicized parody of Herself, as the humanitarian “courtesan” (as Andrea Emo would have it), as an “agency for religion” which on the great life issues submits herself to the dictates of Obama-like ideology, which renounces proselytism and the “Catholic God” (as Bergoglio says, “There exists no Catholic God”), which dissolves herself into an ecumenical freemasonry of so many religions, which busies herself with the climate and the recycling of garbage, teaching good manners (Good Morning! Good Evening! Thank you! and Pardon me!) and goofy-pleas for the help of the poor.  But for the true Catholic Church, there is no longer any seat at the table, as the drama of the last great pope, Benedict XVI shows, “fired”, self-incarcerated and silenced.

The True Church

The Church has illumined and conquered the darkness of the world of the gods and has rehabilitated the history of a pagan and anti-human age:  the Church of the Word of God made Flesh, who has the presumptuousness to announce the Truth, the Church of the great Saints, of the Martyrs, of the Missionaries, the Church of the Divine Liturgy and of the masterpieces of Art, the Church of Mother Teresa, of great ideas, of great popes, of Padre Pio, with Her outbursts of the supernatural, the Church which has held Herself firm head-to-head with the ferocity of the Mohammedan and the great genocidal totalitarianisms of the 20th Century: this Church, today, no longer has the rights of citizenship.
Yesterday, Msgr. Galantino (Secretary of the Italian Bishops’ Conference) — according to a tweet from Alberto Mingardi — seems to have said at a conference:  “When the  Church was Catholic and the Mass was in Latin …”.
A Freudian slip which is explosive and revealing.  In fact, today, we are in the midst of the last act of the “liquidation of the Catholic Church”, as Giuseepe Prezzolini foretold, a layman but concerned with the abyss to which the Catholic world was running, anxious as it was to be “modernized” and to surrender to all the ideological fashions of the moment.
But, to liquidate the Church, it is not the persecutions, nor the hatred of the secularist, but — as Paul VI said — its the “self-demolition” from within which is the cause.
The way to the abyss was undertaken not with the Council — as certain lefebrvians think — but at its end, exactly 50 years ago, with the “post-Conciliar” age.
In the days following, in the newspapers, one was reminded of the 5oth anniversary of the first Mass in Italian, and another layman like Elémire Zolla, in those days, came to underline the event in apocalyptic tones:  “The 7th of March, the Mass dies, Gregorian chant dies.  Heard for the last time.  Now, as a dry branch, the Church shall be burnt.”
In reality, the problem was not only the use of the vulgar language in the liturgy (a thing, which I think is  positive), but the successive “liturgical reform” of 1969 and above all thede facto, but illegal, banning of the Mass of the preceding millennia of Catholic liturgy.
Joseph Ratzinger made us understand, many years afterwards, the enormous error, even theological, which was committed at that time.  Which would have colossal consequences, even in the tragic loss of faith.

To Save the Cathedral

But, curiously, in those days, the ones to raise the alarm, in a dramatic manner, for this Church which in an instant has refused its own bimillenarian rite (that around which our Cathedrals were constructed), were above all the laymen-intellectuals.
Who protested with the same consternation with which we contemplate, today, the tragic devastation wrought by Isis in the ancient Middle-East.
On September 5, 1966, there was issued the first appeal to Paul VI to safe-guard the Latin-Gregorian liturgy (a few months before the devastating flood which struck the ancient, Catholic beauty of Florence).
That manifesto/appeal was signed by some 40 great intellectuals and it is impressive, today, to read some of their names: Jorge Luis Borges, Salvatore Quasimodo, Eugenio Montale, Giorgio De Chinco, Robert Bresson, Jacque Maritain, Françoic Mauriac, Gabriel Marcel, Maria Zambrano, Cristina Campo, Elena Croce, Wystan Hugh Auden, Jorse Guillen, Elémire Zolla, Philip Toynbee, Evelyn Waugh, Salvador De Madariaga, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Julien Green, Elsa Rspighi, Francesco Gabrieli, José Bergamin, Fedele D’Amico, Luigi Dallapiccola, Victoria Ocampo, Wally Toscanini, Gertrud von Le Fort, Augusto Del Noce, Lanza Del Vasto.
The appeal made a great impression, even in the Vatican, but di not succeed in stopping the landslide.  Thus, in 1971, another was made, and the number of intellectuals who added their names was even more.
I remember some of their names: Agatha Christie, Graham Green, Harold Acton, Mario Luzi, Andrés Segovia, William Rees-Mogg (the director of the Times), Joan Sutherland, Guido Piovene, Giorgio Bassani, Adolf Bioy Casares, Ettore Paratore, Gianfranco Contini, Giacomo Devoto, Giovanni Macchia, Massimo Pallottino, Rivers Scott, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Colin Davis, Robert Graves, Yehudi Menuhin, Kenneth Clark, Malcom Muggeridge.


It was for the most part, useless, but little by little the same Paul VI became aware of the tragedy which was in course:  the collapse of religious practice, the thousands of priests and religious who abandoned the habit, the catholic intellectuals who submitted to marxism, the great part of the youth seduced by the myths of the revolution (by Fidel Castro, by Mao, by the Vietcong, by Che Guevara, and last by Stalin), the spread of the Theology of liberation and of the modernist theologies which demolished Catholic Doctrine.
Paul VI, in his last years, spoke in ever increasing dramatic tones:  “We believed that after the Council there would have come a day of sunshine in the history of the Church.  There came, instead, a day of clouds and storms, and of darkness”, “from somewhere the smoke of Satan has entered into the temple of God”, “the opening to the world was a true invasion of worldly thought in the Church … We we have been, perhaps, too weak and imprudent.”
Paul VI denounced “those who try to knock the Church down from within” and he began to cite the books of Louis Bouyer, “The Decomposition of Catholicism” and “Religieux et Clercs contre Dieu.”
To his friend Jean Guitton, he confided:  “There is a great turmoil in this moment in the world and in the Church, and what is in question is the faith.  I find myself, now, repeating the obscure phrase of Jesus in the Gospel of Saint Luke:  “When the Son of man returns, shall He still find faith upon earth?”  What strikes me when I consider the catholic world,” the Pope continued, “is that inside Catholicism there seems to sometimes prevail a mentality of the non-catholic type, and it might happen that this non-catholic thought within Catholicism becomes stronger tomorrow.  But it shall never represent the thought of the Church.”
Then, thanks be to God, there arrived John Paul II and Joseph Ratzinger.  The Barque of Peter was tirelessly repaired, the compass of the Faith found its way and a generation of young people experienced anew the beauty of Christianity.
But this was the spring which was bitten by some sort of powerful and obscure frost, which for the first time in the history of the Church, placed before us the drama of a “Pope emeritus” self-imprisoned in the Vatican and of a “bishop dressed in white” which was acclaimed by all the eternal enemies of the Catholic Faith, who has brought the Church into a submission with the worldly ideologies of the 70’s (having even re-exhumed the theology of liberation and its founder Gutierrez, which now pontificates from the Vatican).
We seem to have reached the final abyss.  Unless God….

Ireland's bishops and priests have failed Christ

Shame and scorn upon the bishops and priests of once Catholic Ireland. You have failed Christ, you have left His people in their sins and in ignorance.

Shame upon two-thirds of the people of Ireland who have no excuse in these times when you can be educated on the truth in spite of these corrupt, inept and effeminate bishops and priests; you have betrayed Our Lord Jesus Christ and your ancestors. We had sodomite marriage forced down our throats in Canada by a corrupt government under a supposed Catholic Prime Minister,we would have rejected it back then, you instead of embraced evil.

Shame on Pope Francis and his "who am I to judge" comment used by the proponents of this abomination and for not speaking clearly to the people of Ireland as to their Christian duty.

Shame and scorn upon the sodomite priests and bishops who raped countless boys and discredited the truth and the argument.

Shame and scorn upon those bishops and priests around the world who have taught error and embraced the world.

Convert or be damned!

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Heretical Coup planned at October Synod on the Family? The "secret" is out and our mission is clear - Viva Cristo Rey

The division is becoming much clearer between those bishops and cardinals who are faithful Catholics and those who are heretics and protestants. The crack is beginning to show in Germany where Bishop Stefan Oster is leading the younger bishops faithful to the truth compared to those of the likes of Kasper and Marx.

They have become very bold and not just them directly but the whole sodomite fascist element that has descended upon once rational nations like a fog. It is black and it is diabolical. There can be no allowance for sodomy in the minds of a faithful Catholic. This is not about being intolerant or not respectful of others. It is about what is against God and against nature. It is one of the four sins crying out to heaven for justice, the others being willful murder (not self-defense nor just war nor justifiable homicide in the defense of others, nor capital punishment after right judgement), depriving a man of his just wages and final impenitence against the Holy Spirit - the literal refusal to repent and receive the Father's mercy.

It must be said with all respect to the man and the Office; Pope Francis has allowed this and has fostered this debate and division. It is he who must confirm the faith. His ill-advised words and phrases have been used in Ireland in the current debate and they are used here in Toronto at the Jesuit parish of Our Lady of Lourdes (may she intercede). You can see how on that first page, they use the Pope's own words without the paragraphs that preceded it or the background to the situation. We can only assume, of course, that they are all living, or at least striving, for chastity.

The report that follows belorefers to "welcoming the remarried of remarried divorcees (no they are not, they are living in adultery) and homosexual persons in the Church." There is a big lie being told - that the divorced and those who are "homosexual" are not "welcome." 

I was "divorced" and even though I was, I was never made to feel unwelcome in the Church. I participated in Church activities and I sang in the choir. Admittedly, I did not remarry until long after a Decree of Nullity and that is the point. I did not remarry civilly and create a public scandal by expecting the Church to adhere to my demands. If I were "living in sin" with a woman, I have no doubt that I would still have been allowed to sing in the choir, but never to present myself for Holy Communion.

At that same parish (and I will be open, the Toronto Oratory with eleven priests, a seminary, two parishes and both Forms of the Roman Rite daily), there was also a man who had been a "gay activist." That man experienced a conversion to Christ and then through a second conversion, became Catholic. He is now married to a woman and together they strive to be faithful to Christ and His freeing commandments and to help others do the same. At this Church to the best of my knowledge he was never shunned, scorned or insulted. He was a loved and respected parishioner and friend. He served Mass, assisted in the sacristy, participated in every aspect of parish life. He attended Mass almost daily, prayed his rosary, went to the Sacraments and is a better Catholic than most of us!

My point is this, these malefactors that have tried to subvert the Synod from the real problems of the family in this corrupted world are single-mindedly devoted to the profanation of the Holy Eucharist and the money that comes from those who would demand it. There can be no other reason why they would attempt to do this other than that they have lost their vocation, if they ever really had one, and along with it, their belief in supernatural faith. 

Rorate Caeli reports from the original French at Le Figaro:

Family Synod: a Very Discreet Meeting of the Reformers in Rome

Jean-Marie Guénois
Le Figaro
May 22, 2015 - 6:24 PM (Paris time), updated at 6:50 PM

On Monday [May 25], European episcopates will debate the welcoming of remarried divorcees and homosexuals in the Church.

The initiative has remained very discreet, indeed secret, but it is important. According to our information, three episcopates -- the German, the Swiss, and the French -- have gotten together in order to organize, behind closed doors, on Monday, May 25, in Rome, in the premises of the Jesuit Gregorian University, a day of studies centered on the welcoming of remarried divorcees and homosexual persons in the Church. Renowned German theologians will take the floor before a chosen audience of only fifty people. The closing conference will be delivered by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, President of the German Bishops' Conference. Along with Cardinal Walter Kasper, this influential cardinal -- a member of the C9, the Pope's close council -- works actively for a policy of opening of the Catholic Church on these dossiers.

At the Vatican, only a few personalities have received an invitation.

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Archbishop Diarmuid Martin - another traitor of Christ and of Ireland!

Image result for Diarmuid Martin
This little man caught in the headlights has just realised that yesterday’s First Reading in the Novus Ordo Missae Lectionary applies to himself: 
"I know that after my departure savage wolves will come among you, and they will not spare the flock. And from your own group, men will come forward perverting the truth to draw the disciples away after them." (Acts 20:29-30).
Following on the heals on Donal McKeown is Diarmuid Martin, another reportedly Catholic Bishop in the once great Catholic nation of Ireland.

Ol' Diarmuid wouldn't dream of telling Catholics how to vote in the matter of marriage between one man and one woman.

Eccles is Saved speculates about Diarmuid's backbone and lackthereof. I think the problem goes much deeper. 

I think he needs a pear, or maybe two.

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Bishop Donal McKeown of Derry - You are a liar and a deceiver

How much more must the Catholic faithful take? How can we sit by and not scream out righteous anger at these malefactors?

As you may know, the people of Ireland have a question before them about the definition of marriage. Marriage is between one man and one woman. Period. Men cannot marry men and woman cannot marry woman. Those that have done this in government have corrupted their societies. Those in the Church that attempt to justify it or sanction it are doing the work of Satan. They have lost the faith if they ever had it. Their vocations are false. They are liars and they are deceivers. 

The latest is Bishop Donal McKeown who has used his bully pulpit to spread guilt that those in Ireland who may vote against the re-definition of marriage might do it out of "bigotry" and that we must not "bully."

Instead of speaking the truth to power he lies to the people.

What else has his liar in clerical clothing said? 

Pro-Life groups should stop "screaming over abortion."

We have a bishop that admonishes the laity on abortion and tells the faithful they can vote positively for sodomite and lesbian "marriage?"

This man is a devil.

The day is coming soon when God the Father will no longer hold back his vengeance upon these rotten and disgraceful wolves who have disguised themselves as shepherds. They are filth. They are putrid. They stink of bile and sodomy. 

Bishop McKeown, resign!

Where is the Pope and why has he not called this man to Rome to remove him from his office?

Irish bishop: Catholics can back gay ‘marriage’ in good conscience

DERRY, Northern Ireland, May 20, 2015 ( -- Despite opposition by the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference to the proposal to change the meaning of marriage in the Constitution of Ireland in the May 22 same-sex "marriage" referendum, an Irish bishop told a radio talk show host that he would "hate" to see people vote against the change "for bigoted, nasty, bullying reasons."
Bishop of Derry Donal McKeown was speaking for the "no" position on the referendum, as supported by the bishops of Ireland, in a debate on the Shaun Doherty Show.
Although he maintained that legalizing same-sex "marriage" would be a "dangerous experiment," especially the ramifications in the lives of children and future generations, he equivocated that people could vote yes or no in the referendum "in good conscience," if they were as informed as possible before voting and were making a "mature decision."
"People have to make their own mature decision, be it yes or be it no. I would hate for people to be voting no for bad reasons, for bigoted reasons, for nasty reasons, for bullying reasons. People have to make up their own minds and I’m quite happy that people can do that in front of God, be it yes or be it no," Bishop McKeown said.

Read the rest here:

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Timothy Radcliffe's heresy and vulgarity on his "eucharistic sodomy" is not new - Was Pope Francis aware of it or not?

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness sent me this link to an article by Randy Engel on St. Peter' Damian's Book of Gomorrah. The original article was published in 2002 in Catholic Family News. Here is the relevant excerpt on Timothy Radcliffe, O.P., just appointed as a Consultor to the Vatican by the Pope. 

The rest of the article along with Part I deserves to be read and studied in its entirely.

As for the Pope and this appointment, we can assume one of the following:

  1. In a most charitable way, the Pope knows little English and may no little about what has gone on for a decades with dissident priests outside of Argentina. Someone may have put Radcliffe's name before him and he agreed, in which case he should promptly remove his advisers.
  2. The Pope knew exactly who Radcliffe is and this is another along with Msgr. Ricca and the Archbishop in Chile where he does not care about the past in the "who am I to judge" line.
  3. The Pope actually supports the view of Radcliffe and is doing it intentionally to change the Church, as his ghostwriter recently said, in which case we have a very big problem.

Is the Bishop of Rome aware that this man referred to sodomy as being "eucharistic?"

Homosexuality in Religious Life Today: The Dominican Model 

By way of comparing the views of St. Peter Damian on the vice of sodomy in clerical and monastic ranks with the modern post-Vatican II view on homosexuality, I have selected a Lenten Letter titled, "The Promise of Life," by Father Timothy Radcliffe. [73]  Radcliffe, the Master of the Dominican Order, issued his message on February 25, Ash Wednesday 1998. The English-born aristocrat was elected in 1992 to serve a nine-year term and was residing at the Santa Sabina priory at Rome, when the letter was issued and subsequently posted on the Vatican's web site, which is where I first read it.
In light of the major homosexual scandals that have plagued the priesthood and religious life worldwide, I was interested to see if Father Radcliffe would discuss the issue of homosexuality in Dominican ranks. He did - both directly and indirectly.
The first indirect reference to homosexuality was Radcliffe's quoting of American Dominican and writer Donald Goergen, OP on the subject of celibacy. The quote reads: "Celibacy does not witness to anything. But celibates do. We witness to the Kingdom if we are seen to be people whose chastity liberates us for life." [74]
My first thought when I read the Goergen quote was, why, of all the Dominicans he could have chosen to quote on celibacy, did Radcliffe choose a man whose personal and private life has been distinguished by an open and long-term advocacy and financial support of clerical homosexuality.
Father Goergen, who is currently living with the "Friends of God," a Hindu-styled Dominican Ashram in Kenosha, Wisconsin, began his early claim to infamy with the publication of his book The Sexual Celibate in 1974. [75]
Based on notes from lectures given to Dominican seminarians, Goergen's homosexual apologia speaks of "healthy homosexuality," promotes the homosexual "continuum" theories of the predatory homosexual and bisexual Alfred Kinsey, decries the "disease" of "homophobia," defines homosexuality according to the Gay Manifesto as "the capacity to love someone of the same sex," holds the door open for homosexual 'unions' by stating that, "genital activity should be the expression of a permanent relationship which involves fidelity," states that "so-called traditional Christian attitudes towards homosexuality are beginning to change," claims that "homosexuality can exist in healthy, Christian and graced forms," defends masturbation as being a genital activity that is "not bad, not unhealthy, not harmful, not immoral, even for a celibate," and then gives the sodomical coup de grace by attacking the perpetual virginity of Our Lady. [76]
Goergen's connections to the homosexual network in the Church go back many years. In Rev. Enrique T. Rueda's 1982 classic expose, The Homosexual Network, Goergen gets three dishonorable mentions for his advocacy of homosexuality. [77] He was also an early financial supporter of Communication Ministry, Inc., "an underground 'ministry' for lesbian nuns and gay clergy and religious." [78]
Soon after his election in 1985 as Provincial Superior to the St. Albert the Great Central Province, Goergen, a devotee of Teilhard de Chardin [OLW note: Chardin was condemned by the Church], began his search and destroy operation against many of the faithful and nationally outstanding Dominicans in St. Albert the Great Province including Father Charles Fiore, Father John O'Connor and the traditionalist Dominicans teaching at Fenwick High School. The River Forest Priory was transformed into a homosexual 'safe house' for other clerical perverts. [79]
This action is in stark contrast to the protection the young turk Goergen offered to the notorious Father Matthew "Creation Spirituality" Fox, champion of "lust," "sexual mysticism," and homosexuality as "the first gift of the Cosmic Christ". [80] In 1988, when the Holy See finally insisted that Fox be removed and silenced in order to finally halt the spread of his errors, Fox received an all expense one-year sabbatical during which he continued his heretical tirades. [81] Even after Fox left the Dominican Order and the Church to become an Episcopal 'priest' in California, Goergen continued to defend Fox's heterodox views on faith and morals.
So again I ask, why would Radcliffe quote Goergen on any subject, most especially clerical celibacy?
The answer I believe lies in the second of Goergen's quotes, cited by Radcliffe in "The Promise of Life" in which Goergen espouses the familiar litany of the Left, almost identical to that espoused by Fox:
"If I partake of consumer society, defend capitalism, tolerate machismo, believe that Western society is superior to others, and am sexually abstinent, I am simply witnessing to that for which we stand: capitalism, sexism, Western arrogance, and sexual abstinence. The latter is hardly deeply meaningful and understandably questioned." [82]
For many bishops and religious superiors like Radcliffe, a seminarian's or priest's homosexual activities and advocacy can be overlooked as long as the offending priest adheres to the gospel of Liberalism. It is not until a diocese or religious order is hit with catastrophic lawsuits related to the criminal sex abuse of underage young boys and young men, including seminarians and religious novices, by homosexual clerics, that the former have a second thought about the policy of accepting and ordaining homosexuals to the priesthood and religious life.

Radcliffe on Homosexual Clerics and the Homosexual "Sub-Culture" 

However, in the case of Radcliffe, it appears that the pressure of pederast lawsuits against offending Dominicans worldwide had not yet reached critical mass in 1998. Indeed, in the paragraph titled "Communities of Hope," just preceding his statement on the acceptance of homosexual candidates into the Order, the Master General insists that, "Our communities must be places in which there is no accusation, '... the accuser of our brethren is cast forth ...' "(Apoc. 12.10) [83]  Positioned at it is, just before his support for homosexual candidates and homosexual members of the Order, one might easily interpret his comment as a warning against in-house 'whistle- blowers' who reveal clerical sexual misconduct and criminal acts by their fellow Dominicans to their superiors or to public authorities and law enforcement officers.
Getting to the specific issue of "Community and Sexual Orientation," the Master General begins with the statement that various cultures react differently to "the admission of people of homosexual orientation to religious life," with some holding it to be "virtually unthinkable," while others accept it "without question." [84]
Frankly, outside of ancient cultures that practice certain pagan rites or followed certain gnostic doctrines, I have not run across any peoples that accept "without question" men who unnaturally lust after other men - whatever their role in the community. But even if such a culture existed in modern times, its beliefs should not matter a hill of beans to the universal head of the Dominican Order whose sole concern, one would think, would be what Christ, His Saints (including St. Dominic) and His Church teaches on the matter of homosexuality. And that teaching is clear - from the time of the Apostles - for a man to lust after and desire another man is perverse and acting on that unnatural desire and lust is an abomination in the eyes of God.
In any case, Radcliffe tells his fellow Dominicans not to worry about the matter of sexual orientation. "It is not for us to tell God whom He may or may not call to religious life," he states. And besides, he adds, the General Chapter of Caleruega, after much debate, affirmed that "the same demands of chastity apply to all brethren of whatever sexual orientation, and so no one can be excluded on this ground". [85]
The actual text from the Acts of the General Chapter of Diffinitors of the Order of Friars Preachers meeting from July 17-August 8, 1995 at Caleruega, Spain (the birthplace of St. Dominic) reads:
"Ö as a radical demand, the vow of chastity is equally binding on homosexuals and heterosexuals. Hence, no sexual orientation is a priori incompatible with the call to chastity and the fraternal life." (emphasis added) [86] 
[Note: The above reference to "no sexual orientation" is an extremely sophisticated turn-of- words that leaves the door open for lesbianism, transvestitism, transsexualism, pederasty, pedophilia, sado/masochism and other sexual perversions. The fact that the worldwide Dominican leadership permitted such a statement to be incorporated into an official pronouncement of the Order demonstrates in a concrete manner the degree to which the Dominicans are now controlled by the homosexualists and their minions.]
Radcliffe concludes his segment on "sexual orientation" with words of compassion for his Dominican homosexual brethren, but he warns the emergence "of any subgroups within a community, based on sexual orientation, would be highly divisive," and "threaten the unity of the community," and "make it harder for the brethren to practice the chastity that he has vowed". [87]

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Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba apologises but the problem still remains. He is a disgrace as a priest and a bishop!

Crux reporter Inés San Martín reports that Bishop Juan Vicente Córdoba is walking back is heretical and filthy statements that St. Mary Magdalene may have been a "lesbian" and one of Our Blessed Lord's apostles was "gay."

The very fact that this Bishop of Jesus Christ, this Shepherd would even think this way to say it in the first place remains a problem. He need not apologise to us but to the Lord and His Saints.

Who formed this man? Who determined that he had a vocation? 

There was a time that the Pope would have called a bishop such as this to Rome and stripped him of his office and exiled him to a monastery and a life of prayer and fasting.

There is no other thing to say Bishop Córdoba, you are disgrace to the Catholic priesthood and to the episcopacy.

Please review Canon 401 §2 and avail yourself of it without further delay.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Pope Francis appoints "gay sex" advocate Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. to Pontifical Council

It seems that one cannot even take a break from gardening and then one makes the mistake of turning on a computer to find what? Oh, just more evidence that the Church is in its greatest crisis since the Protestant Revolution and this time it emanates from the very top. I should have gone for that nap sooner!

Truly the Pope has lost it.

If it's not some bishop musing that our beloved Saint Mary Magdalene may have been a lesbian it's a bishop writing books on tonsil hockey.

Can there be any doubt now that the sodomite mafia has taken complete control over Jorge Bergoglio the Bishop of Rome?

Who is Timothy Radcliffe, O.P.?

Well, Timothy Radcliffe, O.P., was once interviewed by Father Thomas J. Rosica, CSB at Canada's Salt + Light Television, Our Catholic Channel of Hope. You will begin to get the picture on his theology by losing the twenty-two minutes and twenty-two seconds which you'll never get back from watching it. 

You can also find out about this wayward Dominican at Protect the Pope wherein you will find that this Dominican is a dissenter on the Church's teaching on a number of areas involving homosexual behaviour. Here we have a report on his appearance at the 2014 Divine Mercy Conference as reported by Protect the Pope and copied below in the event that something mysterious happens with that blog and we maintain the original bolding:

Let's take a little look, shall we?:

* * * 

A selection of Fr Radcliffe’s writings expressing dissent from the Church’s teaching:

Fr Radcliffe gave the following contribution to the Church of England ‘s review of homosexuality and gay marriage:

Fr Radcliffe OP expands the meaning of fertility to include gay sex

But not every marriage is fertile in this way. We must avoid having a mechanistic or simplistic understanding of fertility. Jesus speaks a fertile word: This is my body, given for you. He is God’s fertile word. And surely it is in the kind and healing words that we offer each other that we all share in fertility of that most intimate moment. When Jesus met Peter on the shore after Easter, he offers him a word that renews their relationship. Three times he asks him; ‘Do you love me more than these others?’ He allows him to undo his threefold denial. Sexual fertility cannot be separated from the exchange of words that heal, that recreate and set free.
How does all of this bear on the question of gay sexuality? We cannot begin with the question of whether it is permitted or forbidden! We must ask what it means, and how far it is Eucharistic. Certainly it can be generous, vulnerable, tender, mutual and non-violent. So in many ways, I would think that it can be expressive of Christ’s self-gift.

We can also see how it can be expressive of mutual fidelity, a covenantal relationship in which two people bind themselves to each other for ever. But the proposed legislation for ‘gay marriage’ imply that it is not understood to be inherently unitive, a becoming one flesh. [...]

And what about fertility? I have suggested that one should not stick to a crude, mechanistic understanding of fertility. Biological fertility is inseparable from the fertility of our mutual tenderness and compassion. And so that might seem to remove one objection to gay marriage. I am not entirely convinced, since it seems to me that our tradition is incarnational, the word becoming bodily flesh. And some heterosexual relationships may be accidentally infertile in this sense, but homosexual ones are intrinsically so.

Sexual ethics is about what our acts say. And I have the impression that we are not very sure of what gay sexual acts signify. Maybe we need to ask gay Christians who have been living in committed relationships for years. I suspect that sex will turn out to be rather unimportant.’

Fr Radcliffe on Holy Communion for Catholics who are divorced and re-married:

I would conclude with two profound hopes. That a way will be found to welcome divorced and remarried people back to communion. And, most important, that women will be given real authority and voice in the church. The pope expresses his desire that this may happen, but what concrete form can it take? He believes that the ordination of women to the ministerial priesthood is not possible, but decision-making in the church has become ever more closely linked to ordination in recent years. Can that bond be loosened? Let us hope that women may be ordained to the diaconate and so have a place in preaching at the Eucharist. What other ways can authority be shared?’

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The Catholic Herald has a collection of articles about Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. You will have not difficulty finding out more by doing some searching.

Running a Google search with his name "homosexuality" in the search brings up lots of fodder.

This is a disgrace right from the top, right from the Pope himself.


Pope names Fr. Timothy Radcliff consultor for Council for Justice, Peace

Pope Francis - ANSA
16/05/2015 16:08

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis has named Fr. Timothy Radcliff OP a consultor of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. 
Ordained in 1971, Fr Timothy is a long-time friend and contributor to Vatican Radio’s English Service.  He is a well-known preacher and speaker, and author of  several books including  What is the point of being a Christian?  He served as Master of the Dominican Order from 1992 until 2001 and is now resident at the Dominican Priory at Blackfriars, Oxford (U.K.).  He has been a member of the Las Casas Advisory Board and Director of the Institute.   He is an Honorary Doctor of Divinity at the University of Oxford.